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The political circus, 2016 version

Amazing how crazy it can get – the Dems are maneuvering to coronate Hillary instead of throwing her in federal prison, and the Mainstream Press are pedalling hard to make that happen.

They should have learned by now the many times she’s been caught with both of her hands in the cookie jar, and on video no less so there’s no real arguing it away.  She’s such a champion for the little guy, the victim, the downtrodden?  Then why did she spend years getting utter scumbags off rape charges scot free by lying to the Judge about the victims – then laugh about it on tape…  Such a fine lawyer?  She got fired from the Watergate Investigations for ethical violations.  And that was only the beginning…

The GOP tried *So* Hard to put ‘Anyone But Trump’ into the seat, but the voters aren’t buying that.  And now instead of supporting him the same way they had the Pledge between candidates (that didn’t hold as some stalwarts like Cruz welched on it) they’re in damage control mode trying to “protect the down-ticket offices”  – No, more like protect their high-dollar Donor class.  Howzabout protecting what should be your concern, your core voters.

Trump might do very well as President, but has to get elected first.  He can’t simmer down, listen to reasoned advisors, and offer up solid proof of his intentions.  They should back off the Hillary Baiting and be churning out policy papers he can point to as solid plans for the future.  And naturally the MSM is actively working to undermine him at every turn.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

Stop the merry-go-round, I want to get off…  Only problem being there’s no good place to go.  Unless we split California up into three or four states, or that “Republic of Texas” secession gains some traction.


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If you get here before I come back and get to populating this with more pithy content, I want to throw up a little. >_<  No, not that kind of throwing up, I think I’ve got this whole “Cooking” thing down by now, it usually stays there.  

Just a new place for an experienced Repairman to opine on both the wonderful and the wonderfully stupid things you find in your wanderings.  

Especially the deliberately dumb stuff that happens when people can’t be bothered to read the instructions – or even the “Read Me First!” that says wonderful things like “Install the drivers first and reboot the computer BEFORE powering up the new peripheral.”  But they don’t tell you that – they just bring it to you and say “It didn’t work, and I don’t know why…”